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The Top Three Fine-Dining Restaurants in Ischia

Southern Italy has an impressive reputation for gourmet cuisine, and the fine dining restaurants in Ischia are no exception. There are countless reasons to visit our beautiful island – delectable and exquisite Mediterranean food is just one of them.  Your taste buds simply won’t forgive you if you don’t pay a visit to one of our favorite fine-dining restaurants!

Umberto a Mare

fine dining restaurants in Ischia

This restaurant boasts exceptionally beautiful surroundings. Photo credit: Umberto a Mare

An intimate and incredibly exquisite restaurant nestled in a stunning location, Umberto a Mare boasts possibly the most spectacular views of our favorite fine-dining restaurants in Ischia. If you want to enjoy a stunning vista whilst you eat, then look no further! You can enjoy the beautiful visuals at any time of day, but we wholeheartedly recommend watching the sunset.

And there’s more – the cuisine is simply exceptional. Divinely presented, you’ll find gourmet takes on local and traditional classics which are guaranteed to make your mouth water. Sure – Umberto a Mare is fare from the cheapest restaurant in Ischia, but you truly get what you pay for. For us, the delectable entrées – or i primi, as we say in Italian – were a cut above the rest. The menu is constantly changing, but consistently tasty. Make sure you pay a visit!

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Fine dining in it’s truest sense

Ah – Saturnino. Yet another one of the fine-dining restaurants in Ischia which is truly divine! Their Mediterranean cuisine oozes style, simplicity and genuine passion. Our favorite dish was the Crudités of locally-caught fish, expertly seasoned and paired with herbs and vegetables. However, we the quality and class of presentation outstanding for everything we tried!

Star of the show is Ciro Mattera, the free-spirited chef. His expertise and love of ingredients are part of what makes Saturino so special. His cooking blends authenticity and emotion, simplicity and genius. Mattera is the master behind everything, from the highly personalized eight-course taster menu to the fresh homemade bread served on entry.

Also noteworthy at Saturino is the extensive list of wines from over 200 international labels. Hand-picked and paired, they are the perfect partner for what promises to be an unforgettable dining experience.

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Daní Maison

An exclusive dining experience. Photo credit: Daní Maison

Last on our list is Daní Maison – the restaurant where art meets cuisine. The food at this Michelin starred gem is beyond extraordinary, which has led to a degree of fame for chef Nino Di Costanzo. You would be hard pushed to find anywhere else in Ischia where every dish is so beautifully and uniquely presented.

The service is incredibly attentive and the venue -the house of Di Costanzo’s grandparents – makes for an exclusive setting. Like many of the other fine-dining restaurants in Ischia, traditional Mediterranean flavors appear consistently throughout the menu. As is to be expected though, each dish is perfectly prepared, with no small detail overlooked. The lip-smacking flavor in every bite has made Daní Maison the talk of the town.

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