Ischia by boat

Ischia by Boat – Explore the Island’s Pristine Coastline

Exploring the captivating nearby islands and coastlines of Ischia by boat promises to be an exciting and novel experience. It is perhaps the most relaxing way to discover the whole island! Plenty of stunning beaches and panoramic views await.

By boat, you will be treated to glorious caves and pristine bays which are best accessed by water. Enjoy gloriously unique views of the Gulf of Napoli as you drift between breath-taking coastal rock formations. This list of our favorite places to explore around Ischia by boat is sure to capture your imagination!

Procida Island

ischia by boat

The colours of this port are simply stunning.

Between Ischia and the mainland lies Procida, nestled within the bay of Naples. Almost untouched by the tourist industry, it’s a stunning island where one can experience authentic Italian culture. Alive with breath-taking colors and packed with divine restaurants, it’s an unmissable destination for anyone looking to explore the islands around Ischia by boat.

Where to begin? You’ll most likely dock in the quaint village of Corricella to be greeted by an array of colorful homes which seem to overflow towards the coast. So a stroll around the town a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

The authentic cuisine here is reason to visit alone and is sure to delight your taste-buds! Enjoy delectable fresh seafood whilst sipping on some limoncello and admiring the view. Alive with scruffy charm and dotted with unique landmarks (such as the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo – one of the most prestigious churches in Southern Italy), the island is sure to be a hit.

Don’t Miss: One of our favorite restaurants in Procida – La Lampara. Take your pick between mussels, octopus and lobster, or treat yourself to catch of the day. Our mouths are watering!

La Scannella

ischia by boat

Don’t forget your goggles!

Snorkeling and splashing around are two of our favorite things to do in Ischia. You’d be hard pressed to find many spots more suitable than the bay of La Scannella! Tucked away on the coast, it is most easily accessed by boat. Excellent news for anyone who wants to save themselves searching for the 290 concealed and tiring steps which provide the only path by land!

What’s more, exploring by boat will allow easy access for avid snorkelers. Hidden towards the south-westerly side of the island, the clear, sparkling waters of these bays are known to attract yachts and swimmers. For good reason! There are plenty of little caves and rocks under the water to explore around these hidden jewels.

Our Top Tip: Stock up on bread, mozzarella, fresh salad and cured meats to create your own antipasti lunch during your boat trip. There are no easily accessible restaurants nearby, and we’re certain you’ll want to spend a whole day here!

Grotto Del Mago

Relaxing on a boat is surely the best way to unwind

Shrouded in mystery, the Grotto Del Mago (or Magicians Grotto) is a must-see for anyone thinking of seeing the south-east coast of Ischia by boat. The strange cave was a refuge for local fishermen during heavy storms. According to local legend, from time to time an old man with a long white beard and flowing hair could be seen here, perched on the rocks nearby.

Other tales of mysterious voices and ethereal nymphs also surround the cave, which hangs mystically over the shore between the bay of Cartaromana and the Punta San Pancrazio. Whether they are true or not is for you to decided – but the Grotto Del Mago is certainly worth a visit regardless. The cave can be entered by boat, allowing visitors to gaze out on a perfectly framed view of the nearby island of Capri from an entirely fresh perspective.

Enjoy the twisted and chaotic volcanic rock formations which make up the cave and give character to the surrounding coastlines. Evidence of the turbulent geology of Ischia, they make for a postcard-perfect setting to explore. Don’t forget your camera!

Our Recommendation: Look out for nymphs!

Michelangelo’s Tower

You can also glimpse this interesting tower from the ocean!

Above the lava rocks of St. Ann stands Michelangelo’s Tower (also known as Guevara’s Tower). A unique fortress-house constructed in the fifteenth century by King Alfonso of Aragon, it was owned by the Guevara family until the 1800’s. It’s a glorious sight to see and a marvel which should not be missed when exploring Ischia by boat.

According to legend, it was here that Michelangelo became besotted by Italian poet Vittoria Colonna. It is said that some of the frescoes within the tower are the work of the great artist – however there is no official documentation of this! What can be known is that glimpsing the tower by sea gives a fascinating perspective on this interesting building, which is currently used as an exhibition for famous artists.

Our Top Tip: Michelangelo’s Tower lies on the east of the island, just south of Castello Aragonese – combine the two famous sights in one boat trip!


Admire the Punta Sant’Angelo

The southernmost tip of Ischia is undoubtedly best explored by boat! The Punta Sant’Angelo is a giant rock formation, joined to the mainland by a small strip of beach. Because of the mountainous area around it, the small town of Sant’Angelo is best accessed by sea, which will make for an enthralling day out.

It’s possible to walk up into the town of Sant’Angelo, which will afford breath-taking panoramic views of the coastline as far as Maronti Beach.  Taking in the beautiful vistas is one of our favorite things to do in Ischia! A small town, the restaurants and cafes here allow you to relax and watch the world go by, glimpsing small boats as they zip around the Tyrhennian sea.

One can also choose to stop of at Le Fumarole Beach, named after the hot vapors from the volcanic activity underground which heat the sands to various different temperatures. This unique wonder is said to treat a variety of ailments, and the locals even make use of the phenomenon to cook food underground in special containers. The beach is one of the most picturesque on the island – perfect for a day of exploring Ischia by boat!

Our Top Tip: It’s possible to reach Sant’Angelo and Fumarole Beach by water taxi from the nearby Maronti Beach. If you’re looking for a bit to eat, head to Divina Ischia for gorgeously presented cuisine at a reasonable price and fabulous scenic views!

Scheria Cup

Get caught up in this exhilarating regatta!

Every April, the exhilirating Scheria Cup takes place as competitors challenge each other to sail around the whole of Ischia. What better way to enjoy the action than by boat? Gorgeous scenery and favorable sailing conditions in early spring make this regatta a thrilling spectacle.

If you’re planning on visiting Ischia this April, be sure to keep an ear out for the scheduled dates of the regatta – we’ll be sure to release an article on it closer to the time! The race takes place over 24 hours – following it by boat is sure to be an exciting way to experience sea breeze and keep up with the action. Don’t miss it! Getting caught up in the sense of exhilaration is one of our favorite things to do in Ischia.

Find Out More: Check out the Scheria Cup website to find out more about the upcoming 2019 event by clicking here!

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