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Cantina De Bartoli – One of the best wine producers in Pantelleria

We’ve had the pleasure of visiting many beautiful vineyards and producers in and around Pantelleria. Cantina De Bartoli is certainly a favorite – one of the best wine producers in Pantelleria that we’ve come across!

On an island famous for it’s quality of wine production, it takes something special to stand out. The story of innovation and dedication behind this Cantina certainly fits the bill…

Meet Marco De Bartoli

best wine producers in Pantelleria

The innovative vintner behind this Cantina. Photo credit: Marco De Bartoli

A passionate vintner, at heart Marco De Bartoli was always an innovator.Before he passed in 2011, he was a famous figure – a local celebrity in Pantelleria. A charismatic lover of sports cars and cigars, he was a powerful and kind man to be around. Boisterous, expressive and ever excited about his art, his legacy lives on through the Cantina in his name.

Before founding one of the best wine producers in Pantelleria, De Bartoli honed his trade in Sicily, where he produced Marsala wine. Almost single-handedly, he revitalized the production of this wine, whose international reputation was descending, due to the compromises in both tradition and technique.

De Bartoli first moved to Pantelleria in the early 80s, and was inspired to pioneer more of his unique ideas. One example of this creativity is the way in which he produced his extraordinary INTEGER wines. Rather than steel or oak barrels, these are rested in amphora – a kind of clay.

What is obvious throughout the production of the INTEGER Zibibbo is the total respect for nature. Human interaction is substituted for natural processes; contemporary practices such as chemical fertilization of soils, refrigeration and many other chemical processes are deemed unnecessary.

Zibibbo – A Genius Innovation

The Zibibbo grape, a source of inspiration for De Bartoli

Marco de Bartoli further flexed his technical knowledge and creativity as a vintner to manipulate the taste of Pantelleria’s famous Zibibbo grapes. Typically, these are used to produce sweet wines – such as the popular Passito di Pantelleria.

Realizing that typically, the Zibibbo grapes were produced on southern-facing land, De Baroli cleverly experimented with grapes from plants with northern exposure, located in Piana della Ghirlanda in Pantelleria. This stroke of genius results in an outstanding innovation – a delectable white wine which has the sweet scent of a typical Zibibbo wine, but with a dry taste.

The result is Pietra Nera, a high-quality wine which retails at €22 per bottle. We were invited to try it and it is nothing short of delightful – boasting a mysteriously sweet aroma, but satisfyingly dry on the palate. It is innovations like this which secure La Cantina De Bartoli’s reputation as one of the best wine producers in Pantelleria.

The Cantina Today

A sneak peek from within the vineyard! Photo credit: Marco De Bartoli

The Cantina itself is an old oil mill from 1700 – it’s a charming building in a gorgeous location. If you plan to book a wine-tasting, why not do so at one of the best wine producers in Pantelleria?

You can book by appointment from Monday – Saturday. De Bartoli’s sons (who now run the cantina) continue the tradition of the father Marco, by intentionally not serving food during the tasting. The reason is to further emphasize the delicious wines, which of course steal the show. We would recommend having a bit to eat beforehand, rather than visiting on an empty stomach!

Among our other favorite wines to taste were the outstanding Passito bottles, usually sold at €37, including the Passito Vecchio at €44. Located in Bukkuram, La Cantina De Bartoli is located in Bukkuram, only a ten minute walk away from our Corte Pantesca villas.

Now that you know where to go for your wines, why not explore some of our favorite aperitifs to enjoy during the spectacular Pantelleria sunsets?

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